The Importance of Oral Hygiene Basics

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If you struggle with cavities and persistent bad breath, then consider going back to the basics and remember the importance of oral hygiene practices. Keeping your smile in top-notch oral health is not always an easy task. However, our dentist, Dr. Sylvia A. Spradlin with Sylvia A. Spradlin in Olathe, Kansas, is happy to share this list of reminders with you to help you, so you can keep your oral health in check.

Here is a list of reminders for your oral hygiene basics:

– Add mouthwash to your daily routine to keep your smile free of debris.
– Bad habits such as smoking and using drugs can lead to poor oral hygiene.
– A lack of dental visits can lead to poor oral hygiene.
– A bi-annual professional cleaning is effective for keeping your oral hygiene in tip-top shape.
– Using dental floss is important for cleaning between your teeth. You should floss every day.
– Your diet plays a key role in your oral health. Because of this, avoid products such as starches or sugars which can contribute to dental erosion.
– Focus on brushing your teeth with a non-abrasive toothbrush and toothpaste at least twice daily.

With these necessary reminders about oral hygiene, you can keep your smile in tip-top shape and give yourself a healthy smile for years to come. If you have questions about your oral health or feel it’s time for a dental checkup, please call our office today to make an appointment at 913-780-0123. Our team stands ready to take your call and help you in any way we can.