The Advantages of Receiving a Dental Crown

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Have you considered receiving a dental crown to enhance the appearance and quality of your smile? Having just one dental crown placed over a damaged or discolored tooth can significantly improve your smile. Dental crowns are designed to provide your tooth with decades of strength and dental support to repair significant dental damage.

If your smile would benefit from the use of a dental crown, our team would be happy to provide further information on how they can influence your teeth. Not only can cosmetic dental crowns improve how your smile appears, but they could provide your tooth with greater protection by completely covering the tooth and may offer decades of support against further dental damage.

Dental crowns can be offered to patients of all ages, including children–who can often be at a higher risk of cavities. If you do need to receive a dental filling for a cavity but don’t have enough remaining tooth enamel, our dentist may place a dental crown as well to bond the filling to the tooth. Furthermore, we may also recommend dental crowns to complete other dental restorations, including root canal therapy, bridges and implants.

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