Teeth and Gums 101: Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers

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Have you lately observed that your smile is not what it should be? Does it seem that your oral health is no longer up to the level you require? If so, you may want to consider the benefits of tooth restorations such as dental veneers and crowns. Although both treatments are wonderful choices for enhancing your smile, they each come with their own set of benefits:

The benefits of dental crowns:

– Are built to completely cover teeth down to the gum line.
– Can function properly anywhere from a few decades to potentially a lifetime of use.
– Provide an extra layer of defense for your teeth and tooth enamel.
– Dental crowns are customizable and with some forms of dental crowns, can be crafted and placed in a single day.

The benefits of dental veneers:

– Are fashioned to cover the fronts of teeth for your desired look.
– Are lightweight and thin but are known for their durability.
– Dental veneers can effectively last for over ten years before they may need to be repaired or replaced.
– Are fully customizable to the specifications your smile desires.

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