Dental Conditions That Can Affect Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is perhaps the most popular cosmetic treatment. Many patients find that a brighter, whiter smile boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Whether you choose to whiten your teeth at home or in the dentist’s office, it’s important that your teeth and gums are healthy in order to achieve the results you desire. Our dentist and team warn you of... read more »

Teeth Whitening: What You Should Know

Over time, your pearly whites may not be so white anymore, and you may be looking to get that luster back. Before you subject your teeth to whitening chemicals, there are some things which you shoud be aware of. But first, here are some reasons why your teeth may need whitening: -Consumption of coffee, tea, and red wine can be... read more »

Why Teeth Whitening Can Enhance Your Smile

If you have been wanting a brighter smile to enhance your smile, we can help! A healthy smile starts with a healthy foundation, and maintaining healthy tooth enamel and gums means brushing and flossing daily to keep your smile looking its best. Along with routine professional dental cleanings, your smile is off to a good start. Even so, there are... read more »