The Importance of Oral Hygiene Basics

If you struggle with cavities and persistent bad breath, then consider going back to the basics and remember the importance of oral hygiene practices. Keeping your smile in top-notch oral health is not always an easy task. However, our dentist, Dr. Sylvia A. Spradlin with Sylvia A. Spradlin in Olathe, Kansas, is happy to share this list of reminders with... read more »

How to Keep the Smile You Love for a Lifetime

Did you know that beyond basic dental hygiene, there are things that you should be doing to maintain the health of your smile? Dr. Sylvia A. Spradlin and our team are happy to offer advice on things you can do for your smile. Lifestyle Habits If you want to have your smile for more than just a while, avoid bad... read more »

What is the Proper Technique for Brushing and Flossing?

You may have heard that the health of your teeth and the health of your body are connected. This is another reason that you should brush your teeth twice daily and floss every day. Still, while brushing and flossing are both extremely important to your oral health, do you ever wonder which should come first, or if there might be... read more »

Why Your Smile Is Vital to a Healthy Pregnancy

At our dental practice in Olathe, Kansas, we want our moms-to-be to know how important their smile health is for a healthy pregnancy, as their oral health impacts their developing child as well. Pregnancy Gingivitis: This is an inflammation of your gums from hormone changes during pregnancy that can cause them to swell, bleed, and feel tender. Gum disease can... read more »