Sugar and your Teeth

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Sugary sweets are something just about everyone loves, but the sad truth is that these treats are terrible for your teeth. While it’s not necessarily the sugar itself that’s bad and the amount that should concern you, it’s still worth taking into consideration your sugar intake based on the state of your oral health.

What makes it harmful?

Sugar isn’t inherently bad in smaller quantities, but it does have a knack for leaving a thick residue in your mouth. This residue turns into plaque quickly, and when that happens you end up with all sorts of potential issues if you don’t have a good oral health routine.

It’s really the build up of sugar that makes it harmful, since it does such a great job of sticking to your teeth before leaving your mouth and heading to your stomach.

What about fruit sugar?

Most fruit has natural sugars, and while these aren’t seen as terrible from a dietary perspective, you definitely want to keep a balance of that in your diet as well. Just like with everything else, balance and moderation are key. Without them, you’ll end up with other health problems on top of your tooth-related ones.

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