Special Oral Hygiene Tools Can Help Clean Hard to Reach Spots Around Bridgework

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The new bridgework installed in your mouth at Sylvia A. Spradlin’s Olathe, Kansas clinic has been made from durable materials that inherently resist bacterial tooth decay. Yet there are times when chronic gum disease complications can allow bacteria to weaken the roots of the abutments that anchor your bridge in place or to affect the dental adhesive bonding the dental work.

Cleaning plaque and food particles away from the bridgework will significantly help reduce your chances of suffering gum disease. This means your daily oral hygiene routine is of the utmost importance. If you’re having trouble cleaning some element of your bridge, you might want to try some of the following oral hygiene tools.

Interdental brushes are very helpful for cleaning in and around hard-to-reach places. They have small angled brush heads that can augment your twice-daily brushing.

At the same time, a water flosser like Waterpik® creates a concentrated jet of water that can help clean food debris from the gum line and places that are hard to reach with your normal toothbrush. Just keep in mind that it is not an effective alternative for dental floss when it comes to cleaning matter from between teeth and the gum line.

If you’re struggling to floss around your bridgework or other teeth in the area, a special loop-shaped tool called a floss threader can help insert the strand into place. Be sure to load it with waxed floss to reduce your chances of snapping the floss into your gums.

If you’ve had a bridge installed at Sylvia A. Spradlin’s Olathe, Kansas clinic and you have oral hygiene concerns, you can always call 913-780-0123 to speak to a helpful member of our staff.