Help Your Smile Survive Sports Season By Wearing a Mouth Guard

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An important step in enjoying excellent oral health is protecting your smile while playing sports, and our dentist and team would be delighted to help you receive a custom sports mouth guard to offer your smile a custom fit and enhanced protection from a dental accident or injury.

Mouth guards are designed to offer protection for your teeth and gums from accidents during a sports game or practice or recreational activity, and we encourage you to make your mouth guard a standard part of your sporting attire. While mouth guards are typically required for high-impact sports, they can also offer protection during risky recreational activities such as skateboarding, which can result in oral injury.

If you are unsure which style of mouth guard to choose, Dr. Sylvia A. Spradlin will gladly offer recommendations and can even provide a custom-made sports mouth guard to provide the proper fit and protection for your smile. Alternatively, your options for sports mouth guards include boil and bite or stock guards that can be purchased in sporting goods stores.

Contact Sylvia A. Spradlin at 913-780-0123 today if you are interested in protecting your smile during the upcoming sports season with a sports mouth guard in Olathe, Kansas, and would like to schedule a fitting with our dentist.