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As the fall season comes once more, it is important to set your oral health care straight. Do not let damage to your teeth and gums linger throughout the holiday seasons into next year. Delay for receiving proper oral healthcare can seriously damage your smile and lead to further ailments. Visit your dentist for an oral exam soon to see if you are suffering from any cavities. If you are, dental fillings such as amalgams and composites can be used to treat the ailment.

Dental amalgams are designed to repair any damage done by cavities. Dental amalgams often are the best procedure for large cavities that need extensive treatment. Amalgams have a proven track record of working effectively for over 150 years in America and continue to be effective in modern times. Due to the fact that dental amalgams use a combination of metals bound with mercury to achieve the filling, a distinct metallic shine is left behind.

If you are looking for a dental filling that more closely resembles the natural look of your teeth, an alternative to dental amalgams is composite fillings. Composite fillings are known as tooth-colored composites because the materials used in them, often resin and porcelain, are easily adaptable to the natural color of your teeth without any form of metallic shine. Furthermore, composites can easily repair damage from cavities that are extremely small and too small for amalgams to work effectively.

For the help of a dentist in Olathe, Kansas, we can be reached at 913-780-0123. Whichever dental filling services you feel would best suit your needs, Dr. Sylvia A. Spradlin and our team here at our dentist office are committed to providing you the services you require. We look forward to bringing your smile back to its fullest.